PVC Mesh
PVC Mesh
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PVC Mesh

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General information about our mesh banners:
Our high resolution printed mesh banners are ideal for large scale advertising messages.
Especially for:

  • Shop windows
  • fences, walls, scaffolding cladding, house facades, events of all kinds, etc.
  • Personal and special gift for your loved ones

Our mesh banners have the special feature of being translucent and wind resistant due to their perforated structure.
In addition, our banners have fire protection certification (B1 according to DIN 4102). 

Can be used outdoors and indoors:

Mesh banners are not only used for advertising messages outdoors, but also for embellishing and covering non-advertising surfaces.
Mesh banners can be found in almost every shop window, as their translucency prevents light from shining on the banners.
If required, our banners can be stretched between lanterns, used as a stage backdrop, mounted on grilles and scaffolding. The possibilities here are very diverse.
The advantage of mesh material is also that it is wind-resistant.



Our banners are characterised by a flexible size ratio. If the size format is very large (from 4.94 m wide to 18 m long), it is possible to produce banners in several parts and connect them together.
To stabilise the banners, the edges can also be strengthened on request.
For hanging the banners, we recommend a circumferential eyelet, which can be set at flexible intervals.
The standard size of the eyelets is approx. every 50 cm.
The eyelets are punched into the perimeter of the banner using a special technique.
To prevent the eyelets from being torn out, a hem is recommended as edge reinforcement. The edges are folded over to a certain extent and welded. This is particularly suitable for hanging with cable ties or tension ropes.
If you prefer to attach the banners to poles or with ropes, a hemstitch is more suitable. As standard, the flat measurement of the hemstitch is approx. 3 cm.


Additional delivery information:
Mesh banners should ideally be shipped and stored rolled so that you can avoid creases and folds forming.
If the shortest side exceeds 175 cm, the banner must be shipped by forwarding agent and additional charges will apply.
If you wish to fold the banner, you could possibly send it with DPD, but this could lead to quality restrictions.

Technical data


Basis weight
Maximum print width
Maximum print length
Application time
Range of application
Material feature

Premium quality PVC mesh

494cm (banners are welded together over this dimension)
1.000cm (banners are welded together over this dimension)
Meets the requirements of B1 fire protection according to DIN 4102
3-5 years UV resistance
Indoor & Outdoor
Perforated material optimised for digital printing
Wind and light permeable, UV resistant and weatherproof


Print surface
Printing method
Print resolution
Colour space


4/0 One-sided printing
UV digital print
Up to 1440DPI for photo-realistic representation
Printing in CMYK colour space without special colours (e.g. gold, silver...)


Cut to size
Edge reinforcement
edge reinforcement + eyelets: every 20cm, 50cm, 100cm, in the corners
Hemstitch: 4cm flat, 6cm flat, 10cm flat, 20cm flat
Velcro / fleece in 5cm width: black, white
webbing + eyelets every 50cm
Individual fabrications on request


Banners incl. print and desired finishing.
Banners under 250 cm on the shortest side are delivered on a roll.
Banners over 250cm are delivered on a roll or folded on request to avoid extra charge by forwarding agent



What to consider when sending the files:

The resolution should be at least 75 dpi to max. 150 dpi. Very large files can be created on a scale of 1:10, with a resolution of at least 750 dpi to 1500 dpi.
Please pay attention to the resolution of the images when exporting to PDF, as the default setting is usually automatically set to 300 dpi.

The margins of the fonts and image elements should be at least 5 cm from the edge.
This is important to avoid overlapping due to eyelets, hems, etc.

Always create your print data without bleed or crop marks in the ordered final format.
Please make sure that you create your file in such a way that everything is visible and legible even at a good distance.
Use a minimum size of 2.8 pt. for lines, otherwise an optimal display cannot be guaranteed.

We gladly accept files in PDF format, here it is important that fonts are converted into paths so that the correct font remains.


RAL, HKS or Pantone shades cannot always be matched 100% in four-colour digital printing (CMYK). Tell us the special colour you want and we will approximate it as best we can.

Special colours such as gold and silver cannot be printed in four-colour digital printing (CMYK).


We support the following file formats:

  • (.pdf)|PDF/X-3 Standard
  • (.jpg)|Image formats

When creating .jpg files, please always save them with the highest quality settings. Please always save files from Adobe Photoshop or GIMP as .jpg files.

For files from Adobe InDesign, please pay attention to the PDF export settings. The files are otherwise very large.


CMYK colour space with the colour profiles: COATED FOGRA 39, COATED FOGRA 27 or ISO COATED V2.

Please create deep black in CMYK colour tone 85/85/70/100.

File transmission: 

In the online shop you can insert PDF, PNG, EPS, JPG, SVG, TIF print data, or send afterwards by e-mail to  druckdaten@cut-media.net with the corresponding CMD number.

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